Conquer Perfectionism By Making

Quite often I have struggled with not doing things at all out of a subconscious fear they may not be perfect. I expect that I am not alone in this respect.

Even this very post carries with it some fear, that it may be judged or something. But the wise reality that everyone knows is that you learn by doing, and making things. Making mistakes aswell of course.

Nature even provides some insight into these problematadas. Imagine how crap it would be if mango trees only gave out one mango? That wouldn't be very good would it? Instead they give out tons and tons - and of course there are a few bad mangoes - but the majority of mangoes are things of perfection, but not resulting from perfectionism.

This is probably the worst shoite ever - my mind is thinking, but something needs to be produced.

Quantity may be more important than quality. There is a myth I read about an art teacher who insisted her class be split into two groups. One group would be graded on the quantity of work solely - whereas the other group would be graded on just the quality of a single piece they submitted. At the end of the semester the teacher realised that the best quality pieces were also produced by the group producing the greatest quantity.

So there you have it - a random, unreferenced myth - but it still provides some insights does it not?

Another thing we sometimes need for our creativity to flourish is limitations. Because otherwise there can sometimes be too many possibilities to engage with.

Anyway - sometimes we just need to get ourselves out of a kind of creative constipation by just getting everything out there.

That way it is okay that your work is a load of shit.