How To Make Juggling Balls

I am a fan of DIY stuff. I am also a fan of juggling. Firstly I will try to convince you that you should make juggling balls, next I will explain how they can be made.

Juggling is a great activity for meditation, it can really get you into the "zone" very easily. It is also a form of light physical exercise, and quite strenuous mental exercise. When you first embark on learning to juggle, you will get very frustrated - and want to give up, but if you persevere - it will eventually click, and you will be juggling. It gives you such a strong sense of achievement - and you can only get there by dropping and trying again. It is also very rhythmic - and I think juggling improves your ability to dance and play music aswell. It is great to juggle whether you make your own balls or not.

Why should you make your own? Juggling balls can be expensive, and by making them yourself you can save money. But juggling itself is also a good way of saving dosh anyway, because it is free entertainment.

Anyway - there are many ways of making juggling balls - you can always use rocks or lemons or something. But this way is pretty good because you can probably find these items quite easily wherever you find yourself.

The materials you need for this are:

  1. A plastic water bottle
  2. Some balloons
  3. Some kind of filler material - for example rice.
  4. (Optional) Gaffer tape

You only need a knife or a pair of scissors in terms of tools.

So - what do you do?

Firstly - cut the top section of the water bottle off using a cutting tool. If you do it correctly you should end up with a kind of funnel. You only need this top funnel shaped part of the water bottle.

Stretch one of your balloons over the thin part of the funnel.

Now take some of your filler and put it into the funnel. Fill the funnel up. The funnel therefore becomes a kind of measure so your balls will be equally sized.

Now comes the wierd clever part. When you have the filler in the funnel, place your mouth over the top and try to create a seal with your face so that you can blow up the balloon which is behind the filler.

What is clever is that if it works correctly, the balloon should blow up - the filler should then fall into the balloon - then when you let go, the balloon should shrink to create a kind of vaccuum sealed ball. You can then tie it off, you then have a juggling ball! You can wrap it with gaffer tape for extra durability.

Some tips.

  1. The most critical stage is the blowing up / shrinking stage - if the filler doesn't fall into the balloon after blowing it up, when you release it can just go everywhere.

  2. If you are really strapped for cash - you can use your balloons to busk for money on the street.

  3. If you use an edible filling - then you can eat your balls in an emergency.

There you have it! Some kind of tutorial like this really requires images for better conciseness. It will be interesting if anyone actually manages to successfully make juggling balls this way from verbal instructions alone.

The final step is to enjoy juggling! Or to start learning if you cannot already!