This is a personal website which is mainly a kind of calling card plus storage for a load of projects/learning stuff and also a kind of alternative to antisocial media.


SillyDude seems like a good pseudonym for me with the same initials. My official nickname is Shay Drake but having a slightly more anonymous name seems better.

I am just a bloke (dude) with some interests. I am interested in quite a lot of different topics. I don't really want to list them off - because they tend to change and develop with time. Some things are really interesting for a while then get really boring and vice versa. So I don't want to make my interests static. What I am interested in will tend to be reflected in my posts on the site. I don't want to be a bore by telling you stuff - I would prefer things to become evident.

I have found so much useful/interesting information in the past from people on the internet blogging away that it feels like it would be a nice way to give something back. I have avoided antisocial media for a while now - but I feel like it is better to not be a complete lurker online and at least contribute something to the online world.

A note on the site design

I decided to keep the appearance and structure as simple as possible for the following reasons, inorder of importance:

  1. Laziness
  2. Stinginess
  3. Kindness - you can choose how you wish to layout/style the page with using the wonders of technology.

I hope you find something that interests/resonates with you!