How to spell out my email address

It is comprised of seven parts - all joined together one after another.

  1. The most common Irish form of 'James'
  2. The English word for an adult male duck
  3. The first Arabic Numeral - not 0, the other one ;)
  4. The 'at' symbol
  5. Rhymes with 'be stale', but begins with 'g' - tis a big tech company
  6. Dot
  7. United States form of 'mum', but replacing the first 'm' with 'c'

I hope that isn't too arduous. The reasons for the complexity are the following, in order of importance:

  1. To make my e-mail address seem more interesting.
  2. To make myself seem more interesting.
  3. For security - to help prevent scammers and spammers.
  4. As an intelligence test to prove you aren't a bot, and I don't have a collection of sea-plane images for you to organise.
  5. To allow communication only from folk who are committed enough to go through the process.
  6. Too lazy to get a new e-mail.
  7. Giggles.